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Hear from some happy customers

Zak Smith

I always use Atlam Silver when I want something unique and custom made. They create such lovely pieces that are all personal and great gifts for my loved ones. The services are speedy and efficient and the prices are great too!

Lydia Abbott

I really wanted a gift for my mother for her 50th birthday. I wanted it to be something special and a bit different as 50 is of course a very special birthday celebration! Atlam Silver made me a beautiful necklace that my mother loved!

Lea Pearson

Atlam Silver are a really great company that made me my stunning bridesmaids gifts. I wanted them to have matching bracelets that were all individual to them. They loved the gifts and I love seeing their faces as they opened them!

How to Shop for Gifts like a Pro

Gift ideas for all purposes

Finding the perfect gift for any occasion isn't always easy, but many times a year we find ourselves in this situation. What do we buy? How much do we spend? Which kind of gift will work in this case?

People say that it's the thought that counts, but the truth is that the actual gift you choose and give will say a lot about yourself, your intentions and your feelings. So finding the perfect gift is really important. 

The first thing that you need to bear in mind when shopping for gifts is that there is no one solution that fits all cases. You might have a couple rules of thumb when purchasing gifts, but the truth is that every occasion and every person is completely different. In order to get the right gift, you will need information. This is the first step.

Who is the gift meant for? What does that person like? Which gift would fit their lifestyle and tastes? Which customs should you respect for this particular occasion?

Knowing this is easy when you know the person, but even so, remember not to overestimate your knowledge. Ask questions and pay attention to what the person likes and even says he or she needs or would like to get. Be subtle, especially if the gift is a surprise. Sometimes you only know the person superficially, and your gift choice might be poor or even shallow. 

Pro tips for choosing wisely

When you purchase a gift for someone, you get extra points for originality and creativity. In other words, show that you put some thought to it instead of buying the first thing that popped into your mind. Make custom gifts to show that you know the person and care about him or her. Give something unusual, but functional and/or attractive. Search for ideas in the Internet, like antique gift ideas or creative handcraft. Even if you aren't very handy, there are many tutorials out there for simple handmade presents that will say a lot about your affection and motivation. Making something yourself is very meaningful and might even look much better than any item you can buy in a store.

Similarly, tailored gifts will always be unique and special. Purchasing customized presents shows dedication, and this kind of items is always one of a kind. Your loved ones will feel very special knowing that they have a unique piece only they own. From a commissioned painting to bespoke jewellery, this sort of present cannot be matched by your usual off-the-shelf ornaments or accessories hundreds of other people around the world already own.

Another thing that plays a huge part in your decision is the occasion. Being aware of the customs and expectations is fundamental, especially if you are giving your gift during some celebration or event. In these cases, there are often implicit rules that you should follow if you want your present to be a wise choice. This is especially important if you are unfamiliar with the customs; for example, a congratulation gift for a festivity of a religion you don't share. Also, new environments have new rules that you need to learn, and sometimes they involve which presents you do or do not give. For example, after a long distance removal, or a new job. When you are new at the office, you need to learn the rules for the office set up, so you bring the right gift, spend the right amount of money and match the tone and intent of the occasion.

Pay attention to money

All purchases involve money, but presents in particular can sometimes have an expected price range, which might or might not match our current budget. The amount of money you are expected to pay varies from time to time, and depends on factors such as the occasion and the socioeconomical level of the person who is receiving the gift from you.

If you are a bit constraint, or need to buy tons of presents - for example, if you have a huge family meeting at Christmas - you need to be organized with money. Be sure of how much you want to spend and how you will distribute your expenses, as well as how much you can stretch your budget in case you need to. You can get gifts all within a budget, you just need good organization. You can save money in a lot of ways, like making some gifts youself or finding less expensive options to high quality brands and products but that will still do the job. Worst case scenario, you can gather with other people and buy a present together, splitting the costs.