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Zak Smith

I always use Atlam Silver when I want something unique and custom made. They create such lovely pieces that are all personal and great gifts for my loved ones. The services are speedy and efficient and the prices are great too!

Lydia Abbott

I really wanted a gift for my mother for her 50th birthday. I wanted it to be something special and a bit different as 50 is of course a very special birthday celebration! Atlam Silver made me a beautiful necklace that my mother loved!

Lea Pearson

Atlam Silver are a really great company that made me my stunning bridesmaids gifts. I wanted them to have matching bracelets that were all individual to them. They loved the gifts and I love seeing their faces as they opened them!

How to make the most of online shopping

Shopping Online

In this new world where everything is going digital, the normal shopping experience many are used to is also slowly adapting. Although not an entirely new concept, online shopping has been around since the late 90s and has continually grown into a major feature of today’s lie.

That being said, how is online shopping technology any different to what we are normally used to? Does it have any major advantages worth mentioning? Is it as convenient as the market claims it is? In this piece we are going to take a look at some aspects regarding online shopping, what it’s all about and how it has impacted the way we shop.

The process is generally a simple one. You need these things in order to purchase goods online or carry out online shopping:

I.    A computer or mobile device that is capable of connecting to the internet and loading the website.

II.    An internet connection to allow you access to the online website via your device of choice.

III.    A forwarding address; this is the location of your house or workplace or wherever you want the goods delivered after you have ordered them.

IV.    A means to forward the money for the goods you’ve purchased; there are a number of ways to achieve secure payments online like online bank accounts, credit cards and the likes.

Features offered by Online Shopping

Next, we will take a look at some of the features that online shopping provides its consumers:

I.    A means for quick comparison of goods

This can be in terms of pricing from various retailers, ratings according to other consumers among other criteria. This is a convenient feature since it helps identify just the right product for you having factored all these things in; unlike offline where you’d have to physically go from store to store to find out what’s what.

II.    Shipping Options

A good online store should provide its customers with affordable or even free shipping in some cases when they purchase goods from their stores.

III.    Easy to Use Interface and Design

The layout and look of most website retailers is simple and straight forward thus you can expect it to simplify your overall shopping experience.

IV.    Detailed Product Descriptions

This goes a long way in making sure that the consumer makes a well informed decision when purchasing a particular product.

V.    Review section

A very important aspect of online shopping is the consumer review section which helps other consumers make judgments when buying goods from tat online store.

Benefits of Shopping Online

I.    Convenience

This is probably the biggest point online shopping has to offer. You can simply select what goods you want, buy them and have them delivered right to your doorstep all with a few taps of the screen on your mobile phone or computer.

II.    Diversity

The online world is vast and as such this contributes to the diversity of goods you can get for yourself; from things like authentic made foods or drinks from their native countries, generic or bespoke jewellery new or second hand clothes, the online market has you covered in all of these aspects.

III.    Time Saving

Opting to shop online can prove very effective in saving time. This is because it is easy to locate specific goods or products online unlike having to walk or drive around to find it physically.

IV.    Social Media Integration

This is a unique feature which helps consumers inform other consumers on things such as sales, pricing and availability of goods on certain online retailers.

V.    Shopping Vouchers

This is also a common feature in the usual physical retail places, but it’s good that online stores also have the option of offering high street gift vouchers as well.

Choosing an online retailer for your shopping

Consider the following when selecting a retailer for your online shopping:

- Their reputation based on customer reviews.

- Compare their pricing with that of their other equally rated competitors.

- The kind of shipping rates and options they offer their customers.

What to look out for when shopping online

1. Ensure the website is secure whenever you log in or sign up for it. You can do this by checking if the address is preceded by ‘https://’ which means it’s secure.

2. Avoid online shopping sites that have been associated with phishing since this can create losses as well as identity theft cases.

3. Always use secured payment methods so as to avoid having your bank or credit card details stolen.